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Because we only leave once, we believe the choice of a cremation provider is an important one. That’s why we brought AraCremation to Cincinnati, a new, modern and affordable cremation center with a 120-year family history in funeral services.

You can plan out your wishes in advance or simply call us at the time of need. To learn more click Why Choose Us? or call us at 513-873-6696 to learn more.

How our process works
Call us Cincinnati Cremation Services Overland Park Cremation services Pre Plan a Cremation with AraCremation Kabsas City/Overland Park/Platte County Visit our beautiful Cincinnati Ara Cremation location Wide selection of crematurn urns in the Cincinnati area
Simply call us when a death occurs.
Your loved one is transported to our crematory by our professional staff.
Our staff assists you with the necessary paperwork.
Cremation is performed at our licensed, professional facility.
The urn is returned to your family.
Cremation arrangements don’t have to be time-consuming or expensive.
We help Cincinnati families save thousands of dollars with our simple cremation plans. Learn more
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Proudly serving Cincinnati families with simple, inexpensive cremation services.